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Maj Lindman is a Swedish author, whose books found widespead success in America. Her Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and Flicka, Ricka, Dicka series are still in print. She has written at least two horse stories about Fire Eye.

Finding the books: neither Fire Eye nor Snowboot are particularly easy to find.

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Maj Lindman

Fire Eye - the Story of a Boy and a Horse

Albert Whitman & Company, Chicago, 1948, 32 pp, illus the author

When his family moves to the city, Bob has to part with the filly he raised from a foal.
He is reassured to learn that the new owner plans to train her as a show horse, and
she will receive the greatest of care. Bob adjusts to the city, but never forgets Fire Eye.
Two years later, Bob is walking with a friend, and sees a thin, tired horse pulling a
wagon. He is stunned to see it is Fire Eye, and is determined to find out how she got
there, and equally determined to get her out of there.

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Snowboot, Son of Fire Eye

Albert Whitman & Company, Chicago, 1950, 26 pp, illus the author

Fire Eye has a colt called Snowboot. When he wanders off, Bob is afraid that he’s
lost for good. Then he goes to a horse fair with his father.