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Ina B Forbus (? - 1994) was born in Scotland, but moved to America as a child, becoming a US citizen when she married Sample Forbus in 1931. She and her husband bought a grist mill in North Carolina, and she used it as the setting for some of her books. One of her books, Tawny’s Trick, is a horse book.  

Finding the book: reasonably easy to find.

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Ina Forbus’ papers are in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina

Ina B Forbus

Bibliography - horse books only

Tawny‘s Trick
The Viking Press, New York, 1965, 187 pp, illus Ann Grifalconi

Kate doesn’t mean to be careless, but sometimes her impulsive nature gets her in trouble. She
is given Tawny, a Morgan mare, but if she doesn’t look after her, Tawny will be sold. Kate seeks
solace from life’s difficulties in the woods, where she meets a mysterious gypsy woman who
plays a pipe and teaches Tawny to dance. Kate plans to surprise her family with a performance.
Then a mistake she makes with Tawny threatens the mare’s life. She recovers, but Kate’s parents
announce that Tawny must be sold.