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Evelyn Bolton

Evelyn Bolton (who also writes under the names Anne E Bunting and Eve Bunting) has written over 200 children’s books. She aims to write books which are all inclusive, and said "I like to write for every child. For every age, for every interest. That is why I have such a variety of books—from pre-school, through the middle grades and beyond. The young adult novels I write border on the true adult novel, but I enjoy keeping my protagonists in their upper teens, where lives are new and filled with challenge, where nothing is impossible." (St. James Guide to Young-Adult Writers). She was born in Ireland, and educated at Queen’s University, Belfast, but emigrated to America in 1959. There she took a course in writing, and in 1972, published her first book, The Two Giants.

She has written several horse stories.

Finding the books: all of the books are reasonably easy to find. None were published in the UK.

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Goodbye Charlie

Creative Education, Minnesota, 1974, illus John Keely

Ellen and her sister have to sell their horse now that they’re too big for him. They do get another
horse, but Ellen finds it very difficult to get on with the beautifully trained chestnut, Finn.

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Dream Dancer

Creative Education, Minnesota, 1974, illus John Keely

Mr Judd is retiring Caroline’s grandfather, despite the fact there’s nothing wrong with his abilities.
Caroline is angry about this waste of talents, and shows her feelings by riding in a parade which
Mr Judd has sponsored.

Lady’s Girl

Creative Education, Minnesota, 1974, illus John Keely

Lady Lee dies during foaling, and Jenny has to try and raise her orphan foal, Lady’s Girl: all this
while trying to forget that she is due to be sent to stay with relatives while her mother is in hospital.

Stable of Fear

Creative Education, Minnesota, 1974, illus John Keely

Jill is kicked in the stomach by a race horse in the stables where she works. She then is so gripped
with fear she can’t go near the horses. It takes an emergency before she finds herself again.

Ride When You’re Ready

Creative Education, Minnesota, 1974, illus John Keely

There is a beautiful thin girl, riding a lovely grey horse. Surely, Pat thinks, she’ll be the one to win the

pole-bending? Pat has to learn that looks aren’t everything.

The Wild Horses

Creative Education, Minnesota, 1974, illus John Keely

Maria wants to buy jewellery, not buy terrified horses at an auction, but once she’s looked into
their eyes, and seen their fear, she has to act.