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Chris St John

Chris St John is a pseudonym. The Blue Ribbon series was printed in the late 1980s, and is about teenagers Kate, Dara and Jessie and their fight to rise through the ranks.

Finding the books: all the books in the series are easy to find, particularly in the US. Some titles are harder to track down in the UK.

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Kate's Challenge

Fawcett, New York, 1989

Bantam Press, 1990

The Olympics. It's Kate's dream - what she's aiming for - but some days it seems too far away. Is it
a fantasy or a possibility? The summer at Langwalds Training camp will be the real test. At Langwald,
all Kate and Dara do is eat, sleep and ride horses. It's a lot of hard work, but it's worth it - at least for
Dara, who seems to improve daily. For Kate it's her greatest challenge yet as she's forced to look to
the future and decide to go for gold, no matter what.”

A Horse Of Her Own

Ballantine, New York, 1989.

Bantam, 1990, 131 pp.

“Jessie loves to ride, but she's not out to win rosettes. Her family and Time-out, the gentle broodmare
that she exercises, take first place in her heart. Jessie has a lot to be happy about - except a horse
of her own. Her best friends Kate and Dara own their horses and they have plans for Jessie - plans
that don't include Time-Out. Jessie is tempted to listen to them, but she listens to her heart instead,
and discovers that anything is possible if you don't give up!”

Golden Girl

Fawcett Girls Only, Cloverdale Press, New York, 1989

Bantam, 1990, 131 pp

“Everything Dara touches turns to gold - that’s why her brother calls her Golden Girl. From straight As
in school to blue ribbons in the ring, to dating the most popular boy at Smithfield High, Dara always
comes out a winner. But lately Dara seems to be losing her magic touch. The riding competition
is getting fierce- even between Dara and her best friends Kate and Jessie - and her romance is
falling apart. What will it take to put the sparkle back in Dara's life?”

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Riding High

Ballantine, New York, 1989, 135 pp.

Bantam, 1990, 135 pp.

“The first horse show of the season is here, and Kate is in a panic. Her horse ,Night Owl, isn't
performing well in the ring, and her toughest competitor is a beautiful new girl from school (Dara).
What else could go wrong? Kate just wants to hide out in the stables, but all her friends - including
a special admirer - are in the audience cheering her on, and Kate knows that she has to get on her
horse and ride into the arena. After all it's what she loves most in the world.”

Time Out For Jessie

Fawcett Girls Only, Cloverdale Press, New York, 1989, 127 pp

“Autumn brings a new riding season and Jessie and Time-Out are a winning team at their first
competition. But success in the ring isn't always enough. Jessie needs an A in Algebra, and a
special course in father-daughter communication, more than a blue ribbon in eventing. Jessie
tries to solve her problems by running away from them. Instead she gets a little help from her
friends, and her father, to find the answers she needs - and finally all is well in Jessie's world.”

The Main Event

Fawcett Girls Only, Cloverdale Press, New York, 1989, 132 pp

“Kate Wiley has a new horse - Northern Spy, the chestnut gelding who can take her as far as she
wants to go. Kate still misses Night Owl, but as she grows to love and respect Spy, horse and rider
develop an incredible working relationship. Now that Kate has the perfect horse, she can't afford
any distractions, especially before the last event of the season. But her relationship with boyfriend
Pete is upsetting her priorities. Kate's already had to make a big sacrifice, giving up the Owl to
pursue her dream. Will she have to let go of Pete as well in order to keep winning blue ribbons?”

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Riding High

A Horse of Her Own

Kate’s Challenge

Golden Girl

Time-Out for Jessie

The Main Event