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Leland Silliman

Leland Silliman was born in New York. He was a swimming coach, and during the World War II, was involved with the Navy’s swimming programme. He wrote several children’s books, amongst which the best known book was probably The Scrapper, about summer camp life. He wrote two horse books, about the palomino Golden Cloud, who is taught to do tricks.


Finding the books: neither of the books was published in the UK. Both are reasonably easy to find in the USA, and are generally reasonably priced.

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Terri A. Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow Press, 1987

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Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the pictures.

Golden Cloud

Golden Cloud, Palomino of Sunset Hill
Golden Cloud in Texas

Golden Cloud in Texas

John C Winston & Co, Philadephia, 1953, 243 pp, illus Pers Crowell

Orrin decides to take his mare Golden Cloud to perform at the fairs in Texas, so he can help
his partner Blacky expand their horse business.  

Biblography - horse books only

Golden Cloud, Palomino of Sunset Hill

John C Winston & Co, Philadelphia, 1950, 232 pp, illus Pers Crowell

Scholastic 1962, 1974

Orrin gets a job looking after Blacky Martin’s palomino mare. He teaches her new filly, Golden
Cloud, tricks, but doesn’t have any luck persuading Blacky the filly should be his.