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Alice O’Connell

Alice Louise O’Connell (1907 - ) wrote two horse books about Pamela, and her mare, Frosty Morning. Both titles are stratospherically expensive when compared with the average horse book: as far as I can tell, neither was reprinted. Both are lavishly illustrated by Paul Brown, with double page illustrations. The Paul Brown factor usually means a price hike.

Alice O’Connell was born in Minneapolis and lived in Minnesota, from which university she studied for a Masters in education. She worked as the Head of Aquatics and Instructor of Physical Education at Winthrop College in South Carolina, and was known for breeding and judging AKC Norwegian Elkhounds.

Finding the books: both books are extremely expensive. Neither was were published in the UK.

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An excellent review of Pamela and the Blue Mare

Many thanks to Lisa Catz and Amanda Dolby for the photographs.

The Blue Mare in the Olympic Trials

Little Brown, Boston, 1955, 225 pp, illus Paul Brown

Civilians are now allowed to be in the Olympic team, and Pam’s friend Bill
suggests she try out for the team. Pam has a rival in Mary Atwater; both for
her place in the team, and in Bill’s affections.

Pamela and the Blue Mare

Little Brown, Boston, 1952, 217 pp, illus Paul Brown

Pamela Paget, 9, is afraid of horses, although her family is heavily involved in

the horse world. She goes to spend the summer on her grandfather’s farm, and
agrees as long as she doesn’t have to go near a horse. When a mare is too weak
to care for her filly, it’s brought into the house to be nursed. Pamela falls for the

Foal. She gradually learns to ride while she waits for Frosty to be old enough to
back, but then her grandfather is offered a lot of money for Frosty....

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Pamela and the Blue Mare

The Blue Mare in the Olympic Trials