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Barbara Morgenroth

Barbara Morgenroth has written numerous horse stories, as well as other children’s and non fiction titles. Before starting to publish her novels, she worked as a photojournalist, news writer, videotape cameraperson, advertising copywriter and riding instructor and stable manager. She has (or had) horses of her own: in 1979, she owned Hy Trouble Morgenroth, “brown eyes, red hair, nicknamed "Baby" and weighing thirteen hundred pounds. He has a private stall and runs up high feed bills.”

She writes for a wide readership. Impossible Charlie and Nicki and Wynne are aimed at younger readers than Proud Horse or Junior Year.

Finding the books: none of her older titles were published in the UK, but are reasonably easy to find on Amazon. Her more recent works are all in print.

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DJ of Ride a Proud Horse

Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau for all the pictures and information.

Ride a Proud Horse
Atheneum, New York, 1978, jacket photo Barbara Morgenroth

Corey is trying hard to keep her father’s stable from going out of business. She needs to learn
if her father will ever change, and just because someone is rich, are they thoughtless?

Last Junior Year
Atheneum, New York, 1978, jacket photo Barbara Morgenroth

It is Kin’s last year in junior competitions, and she has to make her mind up whether to continue
riding her horse Foxy at the rather poor stable, or to try and find a teacher who can help her
realise her dreams.

Impossible Charlie
Atheneum, New York, 1979, illus Velma Ilsley

Jackie fulfils her dream, and gets a horse. Charlie, however, has a mind of his own, and Jackie
has a battle on her hands before she learns how to cope.

Nicki and Wynne
Atheneum, New York, 1982, cover Blanche Sims

Nicki spends a summer at a stable. She wants to learn to ride well enough to compete, but she
is teamed up with Wynne, who is not keen on competing at all, but prefers hunting and trail riding.

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