Ponies, ponies, ponies


Many thanks to Hazelhunter on my forum, who did all the work in this section The two versions compared are the Hodder and Stoughton first edition from 1951, and the Knight paperback from 1988.

If you have the very first Knight paperback from 1968, you will know that Black Boy becomes Danny Boy in that edition. In all Knight editions after that, he reverted to Black Boy.

The changes that were made seem to reflect social changes: rationing was over, Charles Laughton wasn’t as well known as he had been, and most people no longer had maids. Cars no longer had the sort of indicator that flicked out from the side of the car. Richmond Show no longer existed.

Jill still isn’t allowed to wear make up. The solitary reference to lipstick has been deleted. It’s odd that in what was a decade when girls were allowed to behave in ways Jill wouldn’t have dreamed of, make up wasn’t allowed.

Many thanks to Fidra Books for letting us use sections of the text of A Stable for Jill.

In the section below, the first page number is the first edition and the second number corresponds to the paperback. This list isn’t necessarily definitive: we’ve tried to be as careful as possible, but can make no guarantee about accuracy or completeness.

General notes

• Quotation marks are double in the first edition, single in the paperback

• Words such as 'realised' and 'sympathised' have been spelt with a 'z' e.g. 'realized' 'sympathized'

The Cold World for Me

Pg 11/10. Olympia becomes Wembley

Pg 19/15. The thirty pounds Jill’s mother gives her is raised to forty pounds and is for subsequent references.

Pg 19/16. Pocket money of two pounds is raised to three pounds.

Home Life at Cecilia’s

Pg 20/17. Description of what Jill does with her hair has been altered from:

“Taking off my hair slide and rolling my hair up at the front and sides and putting in Kirbigrips”


“Taking off my hair-band and combing it out so it hung around my face”

Pg 21/19. “Without putting out her indicator” is changed to: “Without using her indicators at all”

Pg 26/23. “Aunt’s maid” becomes “Aunt’s help”

“Dig me out some carrots” becomes “Dig me some carrots” (mistake?)

“Mack” becomes “mac”

“Soul-less” becomes “soulless”

Pg 26/23-24. Syntax of third paragraph (ten lines) has been altered removing the ‘sick making’ reference and mention of mothballs and adding the idea that if she wore her horsy clothes she wouldn’t feel so bad about not being able to ride.

Horsy People at Last

Pg 28/25. “Hallo” becomes “Hullo” (x3)

Pg 29/26. “Richmond Horse Show” becomes “Royal International Horse Show’”

Pg 29/27. Reference to the Walters’ father reminding Jill of Charles Laughton in ‘The Barretts of Wimpole Street’ has been removed.

Pg 30/27. “Jill’s Gymkhana” is in italics in the paperback.

Pg 31/28. A subsequent reference to Charles Laughton has been replaced with: “As bad as I had imagined”

Exile or Worse

No changes

Ideas about Ballerina

No changes

Three More Horses

Pg 55/53. “would fetch it for about three bob”’ has been changed to: “would fetch it for us cheaply”

Pg 57/54. “Four bob” becomes “fifty pence”; “Half a crown” becomes “thirty”

Walters and Crewe Ltd

Pg 66/60. “gollopped” is re-spelt “golloped”

Pg 67/63. “Aunt’s maid” becomes “Aunt’s help”

Pg 70/95. “brushed our hairs” becomes “brushed our hair”

Pg 71/65. LTD. Becomes LTD (and subsequently)

People Want to Ride

Pg 73/69. Four shillings to twenty five pence

Ten shillings to sixty five pence

Seventeen and six to ‘pound’

Pg 76/72. Seventeen and six to ‘pound’

“It’ll probably be about five pounds any-way” changed to: “It’ll be five pounds at least”

Stable Trouble

Pg 81/76. “Good gracious!” she said looking round and walking backwards into Ballerina,…”

Altered to:

“Good gracious!” she said gazing round with a look of astonishment on her face and walking….”

Pg 83/79. Eight shillings to fifty pence

Pg 85/80. “Where they very kindly got me the Cable Office on the phone and I phoned my message”

Altered to:

“where I handed in my message”

Pg 85/81. “supper gong” becomes “tea gong”

Pg 86/82. The reference to the coloured darning skeins has been deleted.

2/- becomes 12 ½ p

How not to buy Horses

Pg 90/87. Reference to the lipstick being “a very dark experienced looking red” has been deleted.

2/- becomes 12 ½ p

Pg 92/89. “nineteen or twenty pounds” becomes “thirty pounds”

Pg 92/89. “eighty pounds” to “a hundred pounds”

Forty pounds to sixty pounds

Pg 94/91. fifty pounds  to seventy pounds

twenty pounds to thirty pounds

ten pounds to  twenty pounds

eleven  to twenty one

twelve to twenty two

thirteen  to twenty three

eighteen  to twenty eight

nineteen to twenty nine

twenty to thirty

Pg 94/92. twenty one  to thirty one

twenty two to thirty two

Pg 96/92. “whizzo” becomes “super”

Pg 97/94. twenty two  to thirty two

And as for Pedro

Pg 98/93. twenty two to thirty two

Pg 105/102. thirty pounds to forty pounds

twenty seven to thirty seven

Begorra is a Success

Pg 111/108. thirty pounds to forty pounds

Pg 112/109. ‘three bob’  to ‘twenty five pence’

The ‘stinging you’ term has been deleted.

Pg 114/112. The “two shilling piece and a shilling for Alison’s lesson”

Is changed to:

“twenty five pence for Alison’s lesson”

Cecilia’s Birthday

No Changes

A Great Day at the Stable

Pg 131/129. Invitation has lost its full stops.

1/- becomes 5p

Pg 135/132. “not our butter ration” becomes “not your father’s butter”

Pg 137/134. Two paragraphs (eight lines) removed describing Agatha complaining that they had used up a week’s tea ration for four. The reference to Jill describing the next lot of tea as very weak but they were use to it in "these days" is also removed.

Pg 138/136. ‘shilling’ becomes ‘penny’

‘nine pounds twelve shillings’ becomes ‘nine pounds sixty five

‘eight pounds fifteen shillings becomes ‘eight pounds seventy five’

Pg 139/136. “One more little tiny pot of tea” becomes “one more pot of tea”

I am Knocked for Six

Pg 145/143. soul-less  to soulless

Pg 147/145. “Coffee out of the Cona” changed to “coffee and milkshakes”

Pg 148/146. thirty pounds to forty pounds

Fifteen pounds to twenty pounds

Forty five pounds to sixty pounds

There’s a Coincidence

Pg 153/150. Air ministry becomes Met. Office

Pg 159/158. Forty five pounds to sixty pounds


Frontispiece: Jill in plaits and jodhpurs sitting holding her hands together.

Pg 13. Blackboy nuzzling Jill’s shoulder.

Pg 14. Jill looking round the door at her mother at the typewriter.

Pg 16. Jill feeling dismal sitting on her bed.

Pg 18. Jill with her mother who is holding a wallet behind her back

Pg 21. Cecilia and Aunt Primrose meeting Jill arriving on the train

Pg 25. Jill standing on a gate enticing the working mare

Pg 30. Jill meeting Mike, Bar and Pat who are sitting on a gate

Pg 33. Jill trying Ballerina

Pg 50/51. Three separate headshots of Bungie, Mipsy and Dot

Pg 53. Jill holding a bridle approaching one of the horses

Pg 56. Bar, Mike and Jill carrying tack out of the stable

Pg 61. The children cleaning and whitewashing the stable

Pg 62. Bar holding Dot. Jill and Pat running with halters

Pg 63. Mipsy

Pg 70. Jill nailing up the Walters and Crewe sign while Mike, Bar and Pat watch

Pg 80. Mipsy and Jill exhausted after grooming him

Pg 95. Begorra at the auction with Bar in a bowler and Jill wearing the ‘glasses’

Pg 99. Jill looking at ‘Pedro’ harnessed to the timber cart (and wearing blinkers)

Pg 109. Jill with Major Foster and Alison looking at the stable

Pg 117. Pedro looking over a half door at Bar holding a bucket

Pg 120. Jill on Begorra

Pg 121. Bar on Ballerina

Pg 130. Jill sitting on Pedro who is facing away

Pg 133. The children writing out the invitations

Pg 141. (Also cover impression) Mipsy? Looking over a half door at Dot

Pg 150. Bar on Ballerina and Pat on Begorra cantering

Pg 151. Jill on Pedro and Mike on Mipsy cantering

Pg 159. Jill waving and pulling along Mipsy


Pg 18. Jill carrying a suitcase along the station while Cecilia and Aunt Primrose watch

Pg 25. Mike, Bar and Jill looking over a gate at Ballerina and Pat sitting on a gatepost

Pg 61. Jill holding Bungie while Mike leaps onto him

Pg 68. Jill and Bar meeting Major Foster at the stable

Pg. 93 Jill in ‘glasses’ and Bar in a bowler at the auction, bidding

Pg. 97 J. Biggs with Pedro harnessed to the cart

Pg. 110 Jill teaching Alison to ride while Major Foster watches

Pg. 117 Jill on Begorra and Bar on Ballerina cantering

Pg. 135 Major Foster standing on the mounting block thanking the ‘hosts’

Pg. 145 Major Foster and Jill talking at a table at the George while Pat, Bar and Mike

look at pictures in the background.

Pg. 154 Bar on Ballerina competing in the bending

Pg. 157 Jill waving and pulling along Mipsy

A Stable for Jill