Ponies, ponies, ponies


Many thanks to Hazelhunter for this list of the food mentioned in each Jill book.

Jill’s Gymkhana

Chopped lettuce and cucumber sandwiches.

A “Gypsy supper” of roast potatoes and cheese and baked apples with sultanas in the middle with brown sugar and coffee in the Cona.

Milk and buns

The Derry’s tea:

Sardine sandwiches, tarts and iced cake

Hot buttered toast and marrow ginger

Melted cheese and mushrooms on toast and milky coffee

Jam sandwiches and tea

Mrs Caves:

Ham and eggs, stewed rhubarb and fruity fruitcake

A breakfast of porridge / eggs

The Lowe’s tea:

Buttered toast and strawberry jam, cake and marzipan, tea
and lumps of sugar

A Stable for Jill

Sandwiches, two kinds of jam and three types of cakes

Coffee and toast with jam on

Two cold sausages and a pile of bread and butter

Sausages and chips

Jill has Two Ponies

Pink imitation meat sandwiches and ‘chipped’ cups of tea

Toast and jam

‘thin’ bread, butter and jam and tea


Peppermint creams

Christmas meal: sausages and bread sauce

Cocoa and sausages


Sausages and chips, baked apple with brown sugar in the middle

Dripping toast for tea

Boiled eggs

An ‘enormous’ tea with iced Christmas cake and mince pies


Cocoa for elevenses

Porridge and two eggs

‘bars’ of chocolate

Jill Enjoys her Ponies

A ‘proposed’ chicken lunch and ices

“Don’t eat just ‘toast and jam’; the ‘uneaten’ block of chocolate

A pear and some biscuits

Tea and toast

Weak orange squash cordial for Diana and Ann

About six ices

Mrs Whirtly’s tea:

Buns, meringues, jam puffs, four kinds of sandwiches and

chocolate cake

A beaker of cocoa and a pile of toast

At the Heaths’:

Lemonade and buns

‘About a gallon’ of orange fruit cup

Cocoa and buns

A rather ‘soapy’ ice (At the Buzzing Beehive)

Hors d’oeuvres, rolls and fruit salad (At the Wagging Windmill)

An ice

‘Loads’ of sandwiches, luscious iced cake, an ice cream or
two and ‘I don’t know how many cups of tea’

A ‘peaceful’ apple or two

Jill’s Riding Club

Tea and currant buns

Tea and buns

‘Rounds and rounds’ of hot buttered toast and jam, shrimps, and

chocolate biscuits

A ‘gallon’ of highly coloured lemonade

A ‘stack’ of sandwiches

Hot jam tarts (at the Trimbles’)

Two chocolate ice cream sodas

Lemonade, buns and cakes

Orangeade, iced buns and chocolate biscuits

(Pine forest accident meal)

Crab sandwiches, ice cream, chocolate cake and coffee

Mars bars

Coffee and chocolate éclairs

A jug of cocoa

Porridge and bacon and eggs

Home made cakes, buns and biscuits

Cakes, lemonade and ice cream

Rosettes for Jill

Toast and marmalade

Sandwiches, cakes, fruit, lemonade, and coffee

Three ice creams

Bacon and two cups of tea

Dripping toast

A lolly

Melly’s birthday cake: coffee icing with ‘Happy Birthday’ in

chocolate twiddles

Sausages, chips, and banana splits and ice cream sodas

Tea and four slices of fruit cake

Buns and cakes

Ices – from Melly

Tea and ices

Lindo and Melly’s ‘two pound box of chocolates’

Hot lemon and an aspirin


A choc ice

Steak and kidney pudding and a syrup roll

Cutlets, cauliflower and roast potatoes and an apple tart

An ice cream

‘Several’ ice creams

Jill and the Perfect Pony

Cup of cocoa and biscuits

Amanda’s tea:

‘Tons’ of hot buttered toast with apricot and strawberry jam,
cake with cherries in and chocolate biscuits

Hot sausages and chips

A big cup of cocoa, two buttered scones and a chocolate biscuit

Jill’s most un-favourite meal (at the Locketts):

Scotch broth, a huge piece of boiled beef, carrots and potatoes,
baked apple and custard

(She felt like fruit salad and ice cream)

A Mars bar

(Jill’s ‘most sordid’ tea): -sardines

Buttered eggs with bread and butter

A beaker of cocoa and a fat slice of home-made cake

Ices and ice cream sodas

Sandwiches, hot buttered toast, strawberry jam and a big pot of tea

Biscuits and lemonade


Toasted crumpets and strawberry jam

Cecilia’s mother’s picnic:

Slices of cold beef, rolls; soft on the outside and hard on the inside

with not enough butter, warm orangeade and slightly melted jam


Mrs Lockett’s picnic:

Mashed salmon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, potted meat,

sandwiches with ‘new’ bread, cold chipolatas on sticks, crisp rolls

with heaps of butter, very plummy fruit cake and bottles of


Apples and a bar of nut milk chocolate

Sandwiches, cakes and ham rolls

Sausage rolls, a trifle, and a big iced cake

Roast lamb and green peas

Pony Jobs for Jill

China tea and toast

Cecilia’s seaside picnic:

Dainty sandwiches and dainty cakes

Ragout (at the Sounds’)

‘Unfinished’ omelette, sponge pudding, bread and butter

Tea and biscuits

Cheese and tomato pie and a pot of tea

Boiled eggs

Sandwiches and tea

A boiled egg and one sardine between two

Piping hot buttered crumpets, sandwiches, cakes, and
little sausages on sticks

Cokes and cakes

A tray of cakes

Tea and hot buttered buns

Sandwiches, coffee, and bananas

Sandwiches and cakes

The last of the chocolates and Christmas cake

A glass of milk and a tin of chocolate biscuits

‘Days of’ lopsided pieces of chicken or pork and jammy
and spongy puddings

Ice cream


A sausage roll or two

Sandwiches and cakes

A tray of ices

Jill’s Pony Trek

A cup of cocoa

Ginger beer and cake

Emergency meal:

A tin of lunch meat, cheese sections, and a few apples


Jam pancakes and tins of stew

April’s supplies:

A lump of cold beef, a treacle pudding,fruit cake, cheese,
bananas, buttered rolls, a few sandwiches, apples, a tin of
peaches, mint lumps, and a tin of spaghetti

Hot coffee and big fat buns

Bread, cheese, fruit and half pint bottles of milk

‘Loads’ of sausages and coffee

Bacon, eggs, toast with butter, ‘gallons’ of tea

Warm bread, cheese, apples, milk, tea and chocolate bars

Tinned meat, salmon, sardines, biscuits, cake, nuts, raisins,
cheese, sweets and tea

Packets of cornflakes, tinned condensed milk and coffee

Ices and cakes

Grilled fish and roast potatoes

Porridge, bacon and tea

Cornish pasties, cheese, bread, cakes and biscuits

Sweets and ‘ice cream tubs’

Scrambled eggs, cottage loaf, butter, apple pie, fruit cake,
cocoa and milk

Tea, bread, butter and marmalade

Coffee, buns and cake

Piping hot sausages

A packet of sandwiches

Food in the Jill Books