Ponies, ponies, ponies

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The different versions Hodder & Stoughton, 1954, illus Caney Armada 1963, cover and illustrations by Caney Knight 1970s,  cover W H Underwood, not illus Knight 1980s, cover uncredited, not illus Knight 1990s, cover uncredited Super Hampton Library edn, Illustrated by Caney Acknowledgements:  many thanks to Birte Scheel for the Hampton cover shot, and Diane Janes for the 1970s Armada. Armada, 1970/71? Cover uncredited illus Caney Hodder laminated hb 1970s Frontis Elisabeth Grant No other illustrations

Hodder Children’s Books, 1996, cover Adrian Lascom Hodder Children’s Books, 1993, not illus Fidra, 2013, illus Caney