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Jill Has Two Ponies - Character List

By Hazelhunter

In order of appearance

Jill Crewe - main protagonist and narrator of the Jill series

Mrs Penberthy - mother of Rapide's original owner

Mummy - Catherine Crewe; Jill’s mother

Joan Penberthy - Rapide’s original owner

Susan Pyke - Jill’s primary riding adversary

Mrs Crosby - the Crewes’ daily help, also known as NRTB (No relation to Bing)

Mrs Darcy - riding school owner and instructor

Ann Derry - Jill’s best friend

Martin Lowe - ex-RAF serviceman and Jill’s first voluntary riding instructor and friend

Mrs Lowe - Martin’s mother

Joey - Mrs Darcy’s stable hand

Angela - Mrs Darcy’s ex girl groom - left to go to Lime Farm

Stackwood - Mrs Darcy’s ex horsebox driver - left to go to Lime Farm

Wendy Mead - Mrs Darcy’s stable girl

Captain E D Drafter and Mrs Drafter - owners of Lime Farm

Patience - girl who rides at Lime Farm

Patience’s mother - reference only

Valeria Horrington Hobday Heath - Jill’s friend – known as Val Heath

Jacqueline Horrington Hobday Heath - Jill’s friend – known as Jack Heath

Diana Bush - a friend of Jill

J Biggs - original owner of Pedro in A Stable for Jill - reference only

Zoe - Mrs Darcy’s niece

Mr Heath - the Heath’s daddy

Mr Derry - Ann’s father

Miss Fox - Jill’s form and English mistress

Louise - Jill’s American pen-friend

Mrs Derry - Ann’s mother

Mr Pyke - Susan’s father

Lord and Lady Prance - members of the hunt

Ranter - the found hound

Colonel Swift - the MFH

Miss Bush - Diana Bush’s aunt

The Queen of England - reference only

Mrs Dulbottle - friend of Miss Bush and mother of Mercy

Mercy Dulbottle - daughter of Mrs Dulbottle

Diana Bush’s mother - reference only

Aunty Primrose - Jill’s Aunt and Cecilia’s mother

Cecilia  - Jill’s cousin

Mrs Darcy’s brother - reference only

James Bush - Diana’s brother

Rhoda Richardson - girl with big ears in 4A

Jennifer Jackson - troublesome riding student

The ‘Fisher Twins’ - George and Georgina Fisher, riding students

Mrs Fisher - interfering mother of George and Georgina

Tom Vale - reluctant riding student

April Cholly-Sawcutt - hopeless, bouncing daughter of  Col Cholly-Sawcutt

May Cholly-Sawcutt - hopeless, bouncing daughter of  Col Cholly-Sawcutt

June Cholly-Sawcutt - hopeless, bouncing daughter of  Col Cholly-Sawcutt

Mr Vale - father of Tom and neighbour of the Cholly–Sawcutts

Tony Adams - riding student and inspiration for Tom Vale

Miss Grange-Dudley - Jill’s Headmistress

Madge Madden - first competitor in the hunter trials

Jack Winsley - hunter trials competitor and student of Mrs Darcy

Joan Bishop - hunter trials competitor

John Finch - hunter trials competitor

Lulu Brown - youngest competitor in the hunter trials

Harry Forrester - hunter trials competitor

Helen Moffat - hunter trials competitor and student of Mrs Darcy

Jean Smith - hunter trials competitor from Lime Farm

Mrs Woodhouse - hunter trials competitor in the Open

Berenice Wishford - hunter trials competitor in the Open

Major Pitts - hunter trials competitor in the Open

Mr Brill - hunter trials competitor in the Open

Harcourt - the man who won the reserve in the Open

Gwen Snow - teamed with Diana in the Pairs

The Bryce boys - competitors in the Pairs

Wilson - hunter trials competitor and ‘clown’

Mrs Swift - wife of Colonel Swift the MFH

Captain Tuft - hunter trials competitor

Un-named Characters

The woman opposite on the train  - “Probably going to meet someone for lunch”

The man next to Jill - “Who looked as if he was to have a treatment”

The younger man next to Mummy - “Obviously going to see a lawyer”

The Gym mistress

The cross old lady at Eastbourne in a beastly little chair (imagined only)

The girl serving in the refreshment room

The young man buying cigarettes

The man reading the copy of The Horseman and his friend

The Lowe’s groom

The Lowe’s cook

The clerk at Chatton Station

The porter at Chatton Station

The man hired to kill the cockerels

The old lady on the pavement tut tutting at Ann

The domestic science mistress

The Derry’s housekeeper

The farmer’s wife

The woman who lent the fork

The shop man at the corn merchants

The fat nanny and nasty boy student

The dim girl who wanted to run a teashop

The dim girl who wanted to be an explorer

Mrs Grange-Dudley’s school friend who gave a talk about ballet

The two sisters in the Pairs class on a grey and a chestnut

The boys who fought in the Pairs class

The fat man in the main event

The Horses

Rapide - Jill’s second pony

Black Boy - Jill’s first pony. Also known in later editions as Danny Boy and Patchy

Hector - fictional horse in a hunting story book

George - Ann’s new pony

Seraphine - Ann’s first pony handed down to her younger sister Pam

Silvia - Diana Bush’s pony

Blue Smoke - Mrs Darcy’s hunter

Picture - riding school pony

Cocktail - riding school pony

Patsy - riding school pony

Petronella - Captain Cholly-Sawcutt’s mare

NB: in later books e.g. Jill Enjoys, Petronella is called Petronelle

Treacle - Rhoda Richardson’s uncle’s pony

Maureen - new mare of James Bush

Clarion - Wendy Mead’s horse

Frisk - a chestnut belonging to Mr Bush’s friend, and loaned to James

Tiger Cub - Mr Bush’s horse

Matterhorn - Mr Pyke’s hunter

The Crewe's Hens and Cockerels






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