Ponies, ponies, ponies


Jill Enjoys Her Ponies - Character List

By Hazelhunter

In order of appearance

Jill Crewe - main protagonist and narrator of the Jill series

Susan Pyke  - Jill’s primary riding adversary

Cecilia - Jill’s cousin

Miss Grange Dudley - Jill’s Headmistress

Mummy - Catherine Crewe; Jill’s mother

Dr Fisher - the Crewes’ doctor

Ann Derry - Jill’s best friend

Diana Bush - a friend of Jill

Mrs Lowe - mother of Martin

Martin Lowe - ex-RAF serviceman and Jill’s first voluntary riding instructor.

Mr Lowe - Martin’s father

Mrs Crosby - the Crewes’ housekeeper also known as NRTB (No Relation To Bing)

The Marshall boy - won the under 14 jumping at Chatton Show

Wendy Mead - Mrs Darcy’s stable girl

Mrs Darcy - riding school owner and instructor

Wilfred White - famous showjumper - reference, non fictional

Phyllis Whirtley - organiser of the benefit fete

James Bush - Diana’s brother

Dinah Dean - other heroine of Jill Enjoys

Mr Dean - Dinah’s father

Pam Derry - Ann’s younger sister

Mr Derry - Ann’s father

Leonard Payne - Moorside competitor

Clarissa Dandleby - riding acquaintance of Jill

Moira - amateur playwright

Jimmy - Mrs Darcy’s stable hand

Mrs Ponsford - Ann’s neighbour

Mrs Norton - refused to buy fete ticket from Ann and Jill

Mrs Jones - owner of West Lea

Mrs Pugh - purchaser of fete ticket

Captain Cholly-Sawcutt - famous British show jumper (fictional)

Valeria Horrington Hobday Heath - Jill’s friend – known as Val Heath

Jacqueline Horrington Hobday Heath - Jill’s friend – known as Jack Heath

Colonel Llewellyn - Sir Harry Morton Llewellyn, reference, non fictional

Mr Heath - Val and Jack Heath’s father

Pat Smythe - famous showjumper, reference, non fictional

Mr Pyke - Susan Pyke’s father

George Glee - Open jumping entrant

Bernard Bushey - Open jumping entrant

Sonia Pretty - Open jumping entrant

Aunt Primrose - Jill’s aunt and Cecilia’s mother

The Bartram Kid - who rides with a backwards seat

Mr Dandleby - Clarissa’s father

Mr Pitt - the tailor

Mr Ramsbuckle - the farrier

Mary Watson - owner of the horse Dinah had been riding during the night

Mr Watson - Mary’s father

Guy Fawkes - reference, non fictional

Mr Towtle - opportunist buying up horses around Chatton

Mrs Arden and William - purchasers of Seraphine

Colonel Brown - judge

Tom Beasley - fudge

Harry - the boy who showed Jill around the Cholly-Sawcutts

April, May and June Cholly-Sawcutt - daughters of Captain Cholly-Sawcutt

Miss Brace and Miss Peters - aka ‘The Ghoul’ and ‘The Zombie’ - two of Jill’s mistresses

Mrs Mains - winner of the cake raffle

Mr Cuppleheaver - the carrier that moved Mrs Mains’ cake

Jean Nelson - rider in the novice hack class

Mrs Cholly-Sawcutt - wife of Major Cholly-Sawcutt

The Horses

Black Boy - Jill’s first pony. Also known in later editions as Danny Boy and Patchy

Rapide - Jill’s second pony

Cocktail - one of Mrs Darcy’s riding school horses

George - Ann’s pony

Blue Smoke - Mrs Darcy’s hunter

Ninepins - Mrs Darcy’s resident ‘slug’

Petronella - Captain Cholly-Sawcutt’s horse

Sandy Two - one of Mrs Darcy’s hacks

Poetry - horse of George Glee

Charles Stewart - horse of Bernard Bushey

How Now - horse of Sonia Pretty

Invictus - Jill’s china horse

Silvia - Diana Bush’s pony

Marquis - Mr Bush’s cob

Seraphine - Ann Derry’s first pony

Tom, Bess and Lad - ponies of April, May and June Cholly-Sawcutt

Gay Prince - Mr Bush’s horse

Unnamed Horses

The farm horse Wendy Mead rode

Mary Watson’s pony

The horses saved by Dinah:

The Percheron

The ‘old’ pony

The young ‘wildish looking’ pony

The two hunters at the Cholly-Sawcutts

The colt being lunged

The ‘lean chestnut’

Susan Pyke’s half Arab

The ‘long backed grey hunter’ of Mr Bush

Unnamed Characters

The two old sniffing women

The dim boy with a dirty bandage on his leg

The girl who painted with her toes

The postman

The Derry’s groom

The girl blocking the road on the way to Moorside

The Red Cross nurse at Moorside

The neat looking farmer’s daughter in blue jacket and bowler

The boy in a tweed jacket on a long backed bay

The children at the Whirtley gathering - five boys and four girls (one boy with a lisp, presumably Moira's brother)

Mrs Jones’ maid

The girl who beat Ann in the bending at Mitby

The man in tweeds who picked up Jill’s rosette at Mitby

The colonel with Captain Cholly-Sawcutt

Ann’s father’s ‘man’ (valet)

The taxi driver who brought Cecilia

The boy who sold two dozen tickets and wanted four dozen more

The girl who asked if her brother could enter for the under 5’s

Mrs Whirtley’s maid

The mistresses at Cecilia’s school

The ‘ancient character’ in Pitts buying a checked coat

The passing farm workers

The manager at Cholly-Sawcutts

The vet at Cholly-Sawcutts

The groom at Cholly-Sawcutts

The man lunging the colt

The parents and children involved in the musical chairs

The judges

The three unknown jumpers

The press

The local Silver Band

The famous riders in the open competition

Catherine's Characters

Angeline the Fairy Child

Basil the Birdsong Boy