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Rosettes for Jill - Character List

By Hazelhunter

In order of appearance

Interestingly Pansy has gone from being the (alluded to at least) girl groom of the Cholly-Sawcutts to the girl groom of Mrs Darcy.  It’s also notable that Jill describes Ann as being blonde (HS 1st ed p166). In Gymkhana she is described as having curly red hair.

Main Characters

Jill Crewe - main protagonist and narrator of the Jill series

The ‘Cortman Kids’ - collective reference to Melly and Lindo

Mrs (Pamela) Cortman - old school friend of Catherine Crewe and assumed ‘aunt’ to Jill. Mother of Melly and Lindo

Mummy - Catherine Crewe; Jill’s mother

Mr Cortman - Melly and Lindo’s father

Mrs Overdale and her 8 or 9 children (ref only)

Ann Derry - Jill’s best friend

Diana Bush - a friend of Jill

Mrs Mills - the Crewes’ neighbour who is putting up Melly and Lindo

Mrs Darcy - the riding school owner and instructor

Melly Cortman - visiting the Crewes over the summer

Lindo Cortman - visiting the Crewes over the summer

Miss Anderson - presumably the Post Office keeper’s daughter

Pam Derry - Ann’s younger sister

The Fletchers - owners of Queen’s Tracey

Mrs Crosby - the Crewes’ daily help, also known as NRTB (No Relation to Bing)

Susan Pyke - Jill’s primary riding adversary

Pansy - Mrs Darcy’s girl groom

Mr Peachmonger - owner of Barometer

The Duke of Gloucester (ref only)

Mr Derry - Ann’s father

Farmer Clay - seller of Black Boy to Jill (ref only)

Minor Characters

Mrs Penberthy - the mother of Rapide's original owner (ref only)

Joan Penberthy - Rapide’s original owner - (ref only)

Mr Prescott - Mrs Cortman’s horse wise friend

Mrs Hughes - of the Meads, Little Pawley.  Owner of Snowy

Mr Chentor - market gardener neighbour of Mrs Hughes

Mr Taylor - horse seller

Moura Lympany - concert pianist (ref only)

The Duchess of ‘Somewhere or Other’ - presents prizes at the show

The Queen - ref only

Valeria Horrington Hobday Heath - Jill’s friend – known as Val Heath

Mr Heath - Val’s father

Walter Richards - paper chase competitor

Hugh Prior - paper chase competitor

Pat - Mrs Darcy’s help (not clear if male or female)

Mrs Leevers - organiser of the Fentham Hall fete

Ernest Postlethwaite - a drowning boy Melly and Lindo rescue and resuscitate

Shakespeare (ref only)

Mrs Parsons - the Chatton hairdresser

The ‘Graham girl’ - Blue Shadow’s original owner (ref only)

Marion Dodsley - competitor in the 14 and under jumping

John Hall - competitor in the 14 and under jumping

May Crawford - competitor in the 16 and under jumping

Colonel Russell - presenter of the Russell Cup

Unnamed Characters

The postman

Colonel ‘somebody’

The spectators at Queen’s Tracey

The man who gave an exhibition of dressage

The Cortman’s coalman

The woman with the poorly trained pony at Mrs Darcy’s

The ten riding school children

The dog show dog owners

The 61 competitors in the showing class at Rychester show

The ‘hundreds’ of spectators at Rychester show

The judges at Rychester show

Melly and Lindo’s friend who had a pony

The woman and daughter - original owners of Blue Shadow

The rider Mr Prescott saw ride at Harringay

The Derry’s gardener

The ground attendants at the show

The horses and riders at the show

The Swedish officer performing dressage

The photographers in Jill’s dream

The cousin of Val’s that Jill lent Black Boy to

The hen farmer

The hen farmer’s mother

The competitors at the Rectory gymkhana

The tall girl on the long backed pony

The fat boy on the prancing cob

The competent boy on the well trained grey

The judge at the Rectory gymkhana

The kid who patted Blue Shadow’s nose

The mother who complained Blue Shadow was too ‘professional’

The children who took rides on Blue Shadow

The woman at the side show stall

The competitors at Fentham Hall fete

The spectators at Fentham Hall fete

The woman who told Jill and Ann Melly and Lindo were heroes

The vet

The girl who lamed Mrs Darcy’s mare

Catherine’s friends who drove her to the show

The crowds of people at Chatton show

The two ladies talking about Blue Shadow

The band

The man who praised Ann’s riding

The four other competitors in the 14 and under jumping

The girl on the brown blood pony in the senior jumping

The boy in the checked cap

The train guard

The Horses

George - Ann’s pony

Rapide - Jill’s second pony

Black Boy - Jill’s first pony also known in later editions as Danny Boy and Patchy

Barometer - Mr Peachmonger’s horse – 17 hands








Riding school ponies

Fantasy - Diana Bush’s pony

Wanderlust - a grey gelding advertised in the paper

Snowy - the horse Mrs Hughes was trying to sell

Dormella - Mr Prescott’s dressage horse

Blue Shadow - Melly and Lindo’s pony

Marquita - Susan Pyke’s pony

Unnamed Horses

Susan Pyke’s “wicked looking pony”

Phil Loseby’s “hogged and docked cob”

Melly and Lindo’s friend’s “superb pony”

Chestnut mare 14.2 in newspaper

Undefined 12.2 in newspaper

The horse Mr Prescott saw at Harringay

The “little mare” of 15.2 hands at Chatton Show

The boy in the checked cap’s pony

Named Pets







The Crewes’ hens

Gussie - the Cortman’s Corgi

Mo - The Cortman’s Terrier

Unnamed Animals

The dog show dogs

The bull

The battery hens

Catherine’s Characters

Little Petronella