Ponies, ponies, ponies


Jilll’s Pony Trek - Character List

By Hazelhunter

In order of appearance

Main Characters

Jill Crewe - main protagonist and narrator of the Jill series

Ann Derry - Jill’s best friend

Miss Crombie - ex show jumper Jill befriends, and Pony Club benefactor

Mrs Folds - organiser of the pony trek

Mummy - Catherine Crewe - Jill’s mother

Miss Pyck aka ‘The Shovel’ aka ‘Choosey’ - Jill’s geometry mistress

Captain Todd - patron of the Horse Protection Society (ref only)

Cecilia - Jill’s cousin (ref only)

Father Christmas - (ref only)

Lady Di - character in Lady Di and Her Arab (ref only)

Susan Pyke - Jill’s primary riding adversary (ref only)

Mrs Darcy - the riding school keeper and instructor (ref only)

Miss Durdon - Mercy Dulbottle’s aunt, unnamed in this edition (ref only)

Captain Cholly-Sawcutt - famous British show jumper (ref only)

April, May and June Cholly-Sawcutt - daughters of Captain Cholly-Sawcutt (ref only)

Captain Llewellyn - associate of Miss Crombie (ref only)

Diana Bush - a friend of Jill

Mrs Derry - Ann’s mother

Angela Delacourt (and family) - a girl Jill knew of (ref only)

Pam Derry - Ann’s younger sister (ref only)

Lewis - Seraphine’s new owner (ref only)

Farmer Clay - Black Boy’s previous owner, unnamed in this edition (ref only)

Jacqueline Horrington Hobday Heath - Jill’s friend – known as Jack Heath or Jackie in this ed

Valeria Horrington Hobday Heath - Jill’s friend – known as Val Heath (ref only)

Mercy Dulbottle - riding acquaintance of Jill

April Cholly-Sawcutt - riding acquaintance of Jill

Wendy Mead - Mrs Darcy’s stable girl and friend of Jill

Mr Mead - Wendy’s father

Mrs Mead - Wendy’s mother

Howard Mead - Wendy’s brother

Aunt Poppy - Wendy’s aunt and former dairy queen of Britain

Babs Mead - Wendy’s three year old sister

Teddy Beverley - of the Beverley Sisters singing group (non fictional ref)

Lucy Gray - (ref to the Wordsworth poem)

Doris Archer - (ref to the character from The Archers)

Katy Smith - trek participant

Billie Smith - trek participant and sister to Katy

Rosevale Washington - American trek participant

Mrs Crosby - the Crewe’s housekeeper, also known as NRTB (No Relation to Bing)

Altona, Shelby, Bronx - Rosevale’s sisters (ref only)

King George - (non fictional ref)

Miss Deacon - a school mistress of Jill’s (ref only)

Hayley Mills - (non fictional ref)

Pat Smythe - (non fictional ref)

Mrs Timmins - owner of the first night’s farm stay

Bob - the Timmins’ farmhand

Archie - the local policeman from the third day

Dorothy Tutin - (non fictional ref)

Mrs Price - resident of the village visited on the third day of the trek

Inspector Charlesworth - police inspector (in reference)

Mrs Cole - the lady who broke her leg and whom Jill and Ann rescued

Mr Cole - husband of Mrs Cole

Mrs Appleyard - the Coles’ neighbour

Martino Cassi - show jumper (ref only)

Mrs Gilpin - owner of the house and park visited on the sixth day of the trek, and organiser of the impromptu gymkhana

Unnamed Characters

The supermarket shoppers

The woman who had already bought a flag

The kid’s mother with fur bands on her sleeves (ref)

Mrs Fold’s brother (ref)

Miss Crombie’s niece (ref)

The two absent Lowis Hill pony club competitors

The people at the Lowis Hill gymkhana

The judge who gave Babs a place (ref)

Miss Crombie’s next door neighbour

The judge with the red moustache when Miss Crombie was 13 (ref)

Diana Bush’s cousin

The two G-men who shot at Rosevale (ref)

The innkeeper’s wife (Mrs Woodpecker joc.)

The newspaper photographer for The Poppledown Advertiser

The farmer who fixed Pippen’s shoe

The children in the village

The boy who bought the food to the barbeque

The woman at the farm who filled the kettles

The notorious highwaymen (hist ref)

The Greek with the name like furniture polish (hist ref)

The residents of the seaside village

The man at the seaside village who housed the ponies

The village fishermen

The van driver

The farmer and his wife from the farm on the third day

The farmer’s children

The village policeman on the fourth day

The ancient stableman from Riding with Gusto (ref)

The operator

The inspector

The constable

The doctor

Mrs Coles’ “friends and relations”

Mrs Appleyard’s “men”

The ‘Arabs’ in the poem (ref)

The twenty one other competitors in the gymkhana

The judge

The maiden in the ‘Awful Avalanche’ poem (ref)

The boy from the local pony club who came third

The local newspaper photographer

The mothers, brothers and sisters of the welcoming party

The Horses

Black Boy - Jill’s first pony, also known in later editions as Danny Boy, and Patchy

Rapide - Jill’s second pony

Foxhunter - Captain Llewellyn’s horse (ref)

Seraphine- pony previously belonging to Ann, now owned by a boy named Lewis (ref)

Teddy - the Meads’ foal

Stay Happy - a hunter of the Meads’ and the mother of Teddy

London Pride - a pony of Jackie Heath’s

Trifle - Miss Durdon’s Grey

Marmion - Jackie Heath’s hill pony

Topsy - Miss Crombie’s pony when she was a child (ref)

Ricky - April’s pony

Psyche (Sikey) - Rosevale’s pony

Pippin - Mercy’s pony

Piper - Billie Smith’s pony

Pierrot - Wendy Mead’s pony

Unnamed horses

Miss Crombie’s “smashing grey mare”

The pack pony

Unnamed animals

The new puppy

The Crewe’s hens

The Coles’ hens

The Coles’ three cats

The Coles’ collie and three pups