Ponies, ponies, ponies


Jill and the Perfect Pony - Character List

By Hazelhunter

In order of appearance

Jill Crewe - main protagonist and narrator of the Jill series, also referred to as Jillamanda in this edition

Amanda Applewood - owner of Plum, the pony she loans to Jill

Mr & Mrs Applewood - Amanda’s parents (ref only)

Princess Alexandra - (ref only)

Mummy - Catherine Crewe; Jill’s mother

(Miss) Grace Webb - an artist friend of Mrs Crewe

Mrs Googe - presumably the Applewoods’ maid

The Locketts - collective ref

Mrs Darcy - the riding school keeper and instructor

Pansy - Mrs Darcy’s girl groom

Captain Cholly Sawcutt - famous British showjumper (ref only)

Mrs Crosby - the Crewes’ housekeeper, also known as NRTB (No Relation To Bing) (ref only)

Helen - an original member of the Lockett team that broke her leg.

Mr Lockett - father to Mary, Phil and Jane

Mrs Lockett (Phyllis) - mother to Mary, Phil and Jane

Phil Lockett

Mary Lockett

Jane Lockett

Tom (Lockett ?) - cousin

Lolly (Lockett ?) - cousin

Note: it is stated that Tom and Lolly are cousins to the Locketts but that their surname is Lockett also is not confirmed.

Prisoner of Chillon - (ref only)

Mrs Place - the Lockett’s housekeeper

Lord Crispwater - Mr Lockett’s employer

Shakespeare - (ref only)

Pat Smythe - British Showjumper (ref only)

Alan Oliver - British Showjumper (ref only)

Mrs Wattington-Finch - legendary critical judge (ref only)

Marlon Brando - (ref only)

Max Bygraves - (ref only)

Prue Kelly - a girl at Amanda’s school

Janet Hare - the vet’s daughter and member of the Rectory riding team

Judy Phillips - a friend of Mary

The Royal Family - (ref only)

Mr Poliphant -  vet to the Locketts

Rock Hudson - (ref only)

Cecilia - Jill’s cousin

Aunt Primrose - Jill’s aunt and Cecilia’s mother, wife to Catherine’s brother

The ‘Furze child’ - winner of the under 14 showing

Colonel Salmon - show judge

The ‘Baines kid’ - winner of musical mats

Mirabelle (ref only) - daughter of dressed up show attendees

Mrs Mead - cake maker

Cecil Smith - Rectory team member

John Peters - Rectory team member and Rector’s son

Caroline - third person reference

Angel Breeze - girl in the senior jumping

Sir ‘Somebody Something’ - president of the show

Unnamed Characters

The man who looks after the Applewoods, horses

The Applewoods’ butler

The milkman

The horse van driver

The postman

The man and boy who watched Jill practise

The man Jill asked for directions

The vet

The girl Mrs Wattington-Finch sent from second to third

The man at Wilson’s sport shop

The Rectory Team

Prue Kelly’s brother (ref only)

The woman and little boy who saw the riding party

The doctor

The girl who called the course ‘frightful’

The ‘other competitors’

The steward

The Meadrow riding school

The Rectory Team’s friends and supporters

The weird man who criticised Plum

The ‘next’ team, whose rider took a toss

The 47 entrants in the under 14 showing

The boy called in second in the under 14 showing

The ‘thin girl on a flea bitten grey’ called in third

The very small boy called in fourth

The 36 other competitors in the showing class

The boy on the wild eyed bay

The judge that looked like an aged tortoise

The dressed up woman and man

The opponents on the team race

The old lady who use to play croquet and her granddaughter

The children in the obstacle course

The boy from Bolt Farm

The rector’s wife

The junior jumper competitors

The ‘cool looking girl with a straight back’

The senior jumping competitors

The girl from the Rectory Team

The people who owned the fighting dogs

The Horses

Plum - pony of Amanda Applewood’s loaned to Jill - the ‘Perfect Pony.’ Grey with white mane and tail

Black Boy - Jill’s first pony also known in later editions as Danny Boy and Patchy

Rapide - Jill’s second pony

Gelert - Lolly’s Welsh pony

Opal - Phil’s black pony with a white flash

Agate - Mary’s black pony with four white socks

Nice Weather - Jane’s roan pony with black mane and tail

Commodore - Tom’s light chestnut pony

Nugget - a horse at Harringay

Mountain Fire of Chanados - horse in a portrait at Lord Crispwater’s

Tillie - child’s pony in a portrait at Lord Crispwater’s

Blue Witch - a horse the Locketts were stabling for friends

Globetrotter - a horse in the competition

Unnamed Horses

Mrs Lockett’s chestnut mare

The flea bitten grey