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Pony Jobs for Jill - Character List

By Hazelhunter

In order of appearance

Jill Crewe - main protagonist and narrator of the Jill series, referred to as “Judy” by Mrs Sound

Ann Derry - Jill’s best friend, referred to as “Amy” by Mrs Sound

Cecilia - Jill’s cousin, and god daughter to Mrs York

Mummy - Catherine Crewe; Jill’s mother

Squeers - from Nicholas Nickleby (ref only)

Mrs Darcy - the riding school keeper and instructor

Captain George Sound - owner of Little Chimneys farm

Captain Cholly-Sawcutt - famous British show jumper

Mrs Derry - Ann’s mother

Mrs Sound - wife of Captain Sound

The Duchess - from Alice in Wonderland (ref only)

Mr Collins and Elizabeth - Pride and Prejudice reference

William Rufus - (ref only)

Webster’s - the Grocers

Mrs York - Aunt Pat to Cecilia, organiser of the bazaar

Mrs Pobley - mother to Josephine

Josephine Pobley - bazaar competitor

Nan and Peter Bruce - bazaar competitors

Miss Stocks - the Bruces’ riding instructor

Dulcie Willow - bazaar competitor

Pamela Shooter - bazaar competitor

John Hicks - bazaar competitor

Janet and Pam Watts - bazaar competitors

The Fosters - potential bazaar competitors

Noel Shaw - bazaar competitor

Tony Shaw - bazaar competitor who didn’t stay

Napoleon - (ref only)

Althea ‘something’ - bazaar competitor

Judy - bazaar competitor

Lucille - bazaar competitor

Alec - bazaar competitor who didn’t stay

Cherry Johnson - bazaar competitor

Dawn Palethorpe - British Showjumper (ref only)

Vincent - bazaar competitor

Rose - bazaar competitor

Arthur - bazaar competitor

Miss Maud Day - owner of Mayside farm, assumed aunt to the Cannons (really their mother’s cousin)

Noreen ‘Norrie’ Cannon - champion Australian girl rider

Doreen ‘Dorrie’ Cannon - champion Australian girl rider

Miss Day’s mother - (ref only)

The Cannon’s mother - (ref only)

Lady “Something or other” - patron of the point to point

Bill - the camera man

The Prime Minister - (ref only)

Unnamed Characters

The headmistress - (possible reference to Miss Grange Dudley)

The local MFH

The horse van driver

The farrier

The ‘ancient kings of England’ (ref only)

The West Indian maid of Mrs York

The refugees (ref only)

The farmer at Pockett House

The Fosters’ ‘fussy’ mother

The boy who had seen a musical ride on TV

The girl who didn’t return after the first practice

The child whose pony bolted

Mrs York’s gardener

The grocer who gave chocolate biscuits

The draper who promised handkerchiefs

The kid who had the pink scarf’s mother

The people who attended the bazaar

The mothers of the bazaar riders

The old lady riding side saddle in the treasure hunt (the ancient huntress)

The girl who lent Cecilia her pony

The woman who gave Cecilia tea

The farmer with the horse van

The Cannon’s friend with the hunting stable

The crowds at the point to point

The committee members at the point to point

The local MFH at the point to point

The United Hunts President at the point to point

The “two fine men riders” at the point to point

The people Miss Day told that Jill and Ann had taught the Cannons how to ride

The newspaper reporter

The Horses

Black Boy - Jill’s first pony, also known in later editions as Danny Boy and Patchy

Rapide - Jill’s second pony

The New Forest Ponies at Little Chimneys:

George - Ann’s pony (unnamed reference)

Happy Dawn  - a “longed backed mauvish roan”

Merry Night “foxy colored”




Breeze - Janet Watts’ pony

Unnamed Horses

The other four New Forest ponies

The three workhorses at Pockett House

The 30 y.o. pony of Mrs York

The farmer’s pony

The hotel book keeper’s pony

Dulcie Willows’ pony (who ate cornflakes and bread)

Pamela Shooter’s “pretty pony”

The two piebalds of Janet and Pam Watts

The Foster’s “lovely ponies”

The unnamed competitor’s ponies

The unnamed competitor’s ponies at the point to point

The matched chestnuts the Cannons rode