Ponies, ponies, ponies


A Stable for Jill - Character List

By Hazelhunter

In order of appearance

Jill Crewe - main protagonist and narrator of the Jill series

Ann Derry - Jill’s best friend

Mrs Beverly - Susan Pyke’s aunt

Mrs (and presumably Mr Derry)  - Ann’s parents

Mummy  - Catherine Crewe; Jill’s mother

Cecilia - Jill’s cousin

Mrs Darcy -  riding school owner and instructor

Aunt Primrose - Cecilia’s mother and Jill’s aunt by marriage

Angela - Mrs Darcy’s girl groom

Martin Lowe - ex-RAF serviceman and Jill’s first voluntary riding instructor and friend

Uncle Henry - Jill’s uncle and Catherine’s brother

Doris - Aunt Primrose’s maid

The Walters Children

The three other primary characters of A Stable for Jill

Barbara Walters - second eldest of the Walters children, known as Bar

Patrick Walters - the eldest of the Walters children, known as Pat

Michael Walters - the youngest of the Walters children, known as Mike

Other Characters

Mr and Mrs Walters - the Walters children’s parents (and the Vicar of St ……..)

The Walters’ grandmother - (in reference only)

Charles Laughton - reference from The Barretts of Wimpole St

The Walters’ Australian uncle - in reference only

Mr Mulberry - the Vicar of St Jude’s

The ‘Holmes girl’ - exercises Black Boy in Jill’s absence

Martha - one of the Crewe’s hens

Big Bill Campbell - country singer, in reference only

Agatha - the Walters’ housekeeper

Ann’s ‘kid sisters’ - reference to Pam and Brenda Derry, younger sisters of Ann

Cartoni and the ‘kid singer’ - reference to movie characters

Uncle Toots - the Walters’ uncle, a vet

Uncle Toot’s daughter - reference only

The locum - the young vet who replaced Uncle Toots in his absence

Evans - the carrier

Phyllis Barnes - a friend of Cecilia

Major Foster - patron of the stable

Mrs Charles - hired Dot the Shetland and did not pay

Cecil Charles - son of Mrs Charles

Diana and Brenda Prince - hirers of Ballerina and Mipsy

Bill - whose father had hired Bungie

The Parker Boy - hirer of Mipsy

Hilda Southwood - hirer of Bungie

Noel ‘something or other’ - hirer of Dot

J Biggs - timber merchant and original owner of Pedro

Alison Foster - Major Foster’s grand niece

Slap - the Walters’ fox terrier

Edward - Agatha’s cat

Mary Dangerfield - a friend of Cecilia’s and a horsewoman

The Earl of Sattingham - stable owner who had an open day (reference only)

Cousin Sheila - the Walters’ cousin

Alison’s mother - presumably Major Foster’s niece

Diana and Brenda Prince’s parents - reference only

Bill Manners and family - visitors to the stable exhibition

Alison’s father - reference only

Un-named Characters

The Farrier

The man and woman who supported Jill

Confronting Biggs:

The policeman

The fat Nanny with the ‘square’ child

The Bishop

The Horses

Punch - Susan Pyke’s father’s horse of 17 hands

Seraphine - Ann Derry’s pony

Black Boy - Jill’s pony

Ballerina - the Walter’s pony

Cocktail - Mrs Darcy’s riding school pony being used by Angela

Bungie - Uncle Toot’s 27 year old ex riding horse - chestnut with a black mane

Mipsy - Uncle Toot’s trap horse, chestnut with ink on withers

Dot - the Shetland, was Uncle Toots’ daughter’s pony



Gay Girl

The assumed names of Bungie, Mipsy and Dot

Albatross - advertised in the Farbury catalogue, 17 hands, by Hercules out of Ocean Bird

Begorra - mare bought by Jill for the stable, bay

Pedro - pony saved and bought by Jill from J Biggs, dark chestnut