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Pony Island Lutterworth, London, 1957, 155pp,  illus John Raynes Armada, pb, 127 pp, 1970, 1974 Character list  Susan and Georgia are on holiday, and go and stay on an island with  Gerry and Rough and Tough.  However, they soon get marooned on the island. The Vanishing Pony Lutterworth, 1958, 150pp, illus John Raynes Armada, pb, 124pp, 1973 Character list  A pony disappears, and then Spot, Pudding and Withershins disappear... Puzzle of Ponies Lutterworth, London, 1964, 141pp, illus John Raynes Armada, pb, 124 pp, 1974 Character list  Susan is taken ill at the show:  she’s riding Spot, who’s going well, but then suddenly Susan stops, and slowly slides off Spot... The Farthingale Fete Nelson, London, 1955, 209 pp, illus A H Watson  It looked as if there was a hoodoo on the Farthingale Fete which Terry was organising, as every little  thing about it seemed to go wrong. The Farthingale Feud Nelson, London, 1957, 211pp, illus A H Watson Nelson, London, 1961, 211pp, illus A H Watson   There is a feud in the school, and Terry and Rosebud find themselves on different sides. Belinda Rides to School Lutterworth Press, London, 1960, 156 pp.  Belinda learns to ride her pony Zephyr, and goes to school, where she is mistaken for the school ghost.
The Dauntless Clan Frederick Warne Ltd, London, 1938, 288 pp.   “Maggie and her sister and brothers were a united lot, and they had  gathered around them a remarkable collection of pets.“
Farthingale Fireworks at Farthingale The Farthingale Fete The Farthingale Feud The Farthingale Find