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Bibliography - Pony books only Follyfoot Farm Heinemann 1973 Contains Follyfoot and Dora Ballad of Favour Collins, 1985, illus Glynis Overton  reprinted Armada pb 1985   Rose has been chosen to be the messenger of the Great Grey Horse.  	She has to  travel through time to try and save a child she can hear desperately wailing. Cry of a Seagull Collins 1986,  Armada pb 1986 (right)  Rose has seen a dark object of despair struggling in the water.  As evil threatens to drag her down in a  churning sea, she has to try a desperate rescue - alone. The Haunting of Bellamy 4 Collins 1986,  illus Glynnis Overton Armada pb 1986   Room 4 at the end of the children’s ward has a dark, evil secret, putting patients’ lives at risk. Rose and the Great Grey Horse travel back through time to solve the mystery. Non Fiction  Talking of Horses Heinemann  hb 1973 Little Brown, New York, 1973, illus Margery Gill, 154 pp. (left) Piccolo, 1977, illus Margery Gill Collections  The Follyfoot Collection Dean 1991

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Follyfoot Annuals  A short series of annuals was produced in the mid  to late 1970s.  For more  details, click here. Follyfoot Quiz Book Pan, London, 1974, 156 pp.   Written by Christine Pullein-Thompson. The quiz book included anagrams and crosswords  contributed by Christine’s daughter, Charlotte Popescu, and was illustrated by David McKee.