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Pony books have their detractors, but as the ever-increasing traffic to this site proves, they have an awful lot of fans. I read everything I could get my hands on as a child; suitable and unsuitable; pony books and things without a single animal anywhere. I still feel bereft if I do not have a book on the go, and I still read pony books. My bookshelves have a section filled with pony paperbacks which are falling apart, and they are one of the parts of my childhood I cannot part with.

Listed below are all the sections on the site. When I started the site in 2004, I focused just on British pony book authors, but now it’s expanded to include English language horse and pony stories, wherever they’re from. There are also sections on illustrators, annuals, short stories and much more. If there’s anything not on the site that you’d like to see, please let me know.

Authors & Illustrators There is now information on over 1,100 authors and illustrators on the site. They’re divided into sections according to where the author is from, but there is also a Master Index which includes everybody and everything on the site.