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Emily Edwards

Emily Edwards is a Canadian author, who started learning dressage at the age of nine. She studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and after completing a PhD in eating disorders, started to write her first novel. When she was young, her local bookshop, Bookends at Antigonish, created a special horse book corner just for her, so mad on horse books was she. She wanted to write the sort of book she would have wanted to read herself, so it was simple to decide what direction to go in. The Trouble with Being a Horse is the story of Olivia, who adores horses, and one day, finds she has become one.

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The Trouble with Being a Horse

Single Stride Publishing, 2011, 175 pp.

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Many of us have dreamed of becoming a horse, but that’s exactly what happens to Olivia. She wakes up, and
finds she’s no longer human. This is not always the happy dream we might think: it’s certainly an interesting ride
for Olivia.

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