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Kate Seredy, dj of Chestry Oak

Little Vic, illustrated

 by kate Seredy

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Chestry Oak

 Good Master

Bibliography - pony books only

The Chestry Oak

Viking, New York, 1948, 236 pp, illus the author

George G Harrap & Co Ltd, London, 1957, illus the author
Reprinted 1958

The Bodley Head, pb, London, 1985, 238 pp

Purple Tree Press, Cynthiana, KY, 2015, 253 pp

Prince Michael still lives in his family castle in Hungary, despite the presence
of the Nazis. He is more interested though in mastering the black stallion
Midnight, but when war comes Michael is separated from the horse and from
his family.

The Good Master
Viking, New York, 1935, 210 pp, illus the author

George G Harrap & Co Ltd, London, 1937
Puffin Books, Harmondsworth, pb, 1959, 160 pp

Knight, pb, Leicester, 1967, 192 pp, illus Hofbauer

Puffin Newbery Library, 1986, pb, 196 pp

Jancsi lives on a large farm in the Hungarian plains
with his parents. His cousin Kate, a city girl, is coming
to stay with them, as she is “delicate”. Kate soon
proves to be anything but delicate, and the possessor
of an alarmingly loud scream. She and Jancsi soon
make friends, and enjoy all the farm has to offer.

The Singing Tree
Viking Press, New York, 247 pp, illus the author

George G Harrap & Co Ltd, London, 1940, hb

Knight, pb, Leicester, 1969, 192 pp, illus Imre Hofbauer

Puffin Books, New York, 1990, pb

This is the sequel to The Good Master. The First World War hits Hungary,
and the farm now hosts several refugees: six Russian prisoners working
on the farm; six German children escaping Berlin, Kate’s grandparents,
and a spoiled Judge’s daughter. Kate and Jancsi’s fathers, as well as
several of the farm workers, have gone to serve as soldiers.