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Christine McKenna

Christine McKenna is the actress who played Christina in the television series adaptation of K M Peyton’s Flambards. When she went for the part, she was so determined to get it, she suborned her friend Fiona’s horsy childhood as her own, and got the part. She then, of course had to learn to ride, and very quickly - and not only to ride, but to ride side-saddle. This book describes her experiences, and is a very funny account of the peculiarities of riding side-saddle, as well as indispensable reading for the fan of Flambards. It includes a section of black and white photographs, as well as illustrations by K M Peyton’s husband, Mike, and a commentary by Sue Turner, who taught Christine, throughout.

It is of course non-fiction, but I’ve included it on the website because of the Flambards connection.

Finding the book: the book is not that easy to find. It was only ever published in paperback, and can be very expensive when it does appear, the side-saddle connection making it sought after. It does sometimes appear cheaply but not often.

Why Didn’t They Tell the Horses?
Puffin Plus, 1981. Illus Mike Peyton, photographs Yvon Dorval
Instruction and commentary Sue Turner

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