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Justine Furminger

Justine Furminger is the daughter of Jo Furminger, author of the Blackbirds series.

Justine inherited her mother’s love of horses, not to mention talent as a writer, and competed regularly as well as becoming an accomplished author herself at a young age. Justine read Modern European History at university and also found time to write and get into print her first pony book, Bobbie Takes The Reins in 1981 and its sequel Bobbie’s Sponsored Ride in 1982. Since then she has written books for younger children.

Finding the books: neither of her pony books are particularly hard to find.

Bobbie Takes The Reins

Hodder & Stoughton, 1981

Bobbie’s aunt is taken to hospital with a broken leg. A group of pupils are due to arrive at her riding
school the very next day. Bobbie, and her friend, Laura, are on hand to take charge, and together
with Yasmin, who helps in the stable, they cope admirably with a series of difficult situations. Apart
from the group of novice riders there is a vindictive farmer, an injured showjumper and an
untrainable stallion. The girls' challenging week at the stables leads up to a gymkhana - and more
than their personal esteem is at stake.

Bobbie’s Sponsored Ride

Hodder & Stoughton, 1982

“When money is needed to repair the church roof, Bobbie and two friends, Laura and Yasmin, hit
on the idea of a sponsored ride. The ride is fraught with difficulties, however, when Ned Hardy and
his gang run a rival sponsored ride on their bicycles. Bobbie and her pony group have to pit their
wits and skill against the obnoxious Ned, who is as mean on his bicycle as he is in the show ring.”

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