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Glenda Spooner

Royal Crusader
Latimer House, 1948, illus Michael Lyne

Royal Crusader is an equine autobiography. Crusader does the usual equine autobiography
voyage of travelling from good to bad owners before a happy ending. He starts life loved and
well treated, but then after the person he is loaned to during the war dies, he is sold, as no one
knows the horse is loaned not owned. He goes through several owners; mostly ignorant rather
than vicious, but the end result is the same as if they were. Eventually he is re-united with his
first owne

The Earth Sings
Latimer House, 1950

A book I should have made notes on before I sold it. From what I can remember, it is about
an Arab.

The Perfect Pest
Jonathan Cape, London, 1951, illus Charlotte Hough

The Perfect Pest is, from what I remember (I should have made notes when I read it and before I
sold it) the youngest child of a horsey family, who goes her own way with a vengeance, including
venturing into buying a pony at a local sale.

The Silk Purse
Cassell 1953, illus Anne Bullen

As a short story (The Sow’s Ear) in Ponies of Britain Magazine

Extract in The Horse Lover’s Leisure Book, Purnell, 1968

Poor Gillian. She loves her unlovely pony Tommy, but Gillian’s Mama has
Ambitions in the Show Ring, and so Gillian must give him up and have a
show pony so she can beat her rival, Phoebe Cheetham. The sow’s ear that
is Tommy does eventually turn into a silk purse once Gillian’s Mama realises
that the show ring is not everything.

Victoria Glencairn (A Novel)
Heinemann, 1935

This, I think, is an adult novel

Minority’s Colt
Cassell, 1952

Tinks Martin returned from the war to find two claims on his affections: Dinah (a girl) and
Minority’s Colt (a horse). His rival in both cases is John Rutherford, owner of the racing stables
where Minority’s Colt is trained.

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