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M E Buckingham

Zong, a Hill Pony
Country Life, 1934, illus K F Barker

The Boreland family are contacted by the man who sold them Phari, with news of a splendid three
year old pony, a son of Phari. What the family were not told is that the pony is known as The Imp
of Darkness, with good reason.

Phari, the Adventures of a Tibetan Pony

Country Life, 1933, illus K F Barker

Phari is “the highest village in the world”, and it is where Phari the pony

Lives. He is a Bhutia (Bhutan) pony, and he and his mother are bought
by Ta-lung. He turns out to be extremely fast, but he will not be parted
from Thunder the mule, and Mr Martin, who buys him, has to buy
Thunder too. Mr Martin’s daughter, Mary, falls for Phari, and Phari
becomes an excellent polo pony. He is then stolen by Mirzah Khan’s
men, and is sold to the British Army to fight on the frontier. He does
bravely and well, and eventually finds his way back to Mary.

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The Great Carlos
Country Life, 1945, illus H Radcliffe Wilson, 160 pp.

Reprinted 1947

Carlos is an Indian boy who has run away from home and who survives on his wits. He discovers
that he has a remarkable way with animals, and trains a pony and four dogs to perform all sorts
of tricks. This attracts the attention an English planter, who enables Carlos to come to England
and achieve his great ambition of appearing in a circus.



Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1940, illus H Radclyffe Wilson

This is the story of a Tibetan boy and his dog.