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Pony books illustrated by Violet Morgan

Kathleen Mackenzie: Red Conker

Evans, 1952 (cover Maurice Tulloch)

Kathleen Mackenzie: Jumping Jan

Evans, 1955 (cover Maurice Tulloch)

Kathleen Mackenzie: Three of a Kind

Evans, 1956

Kathleen Mackenzie: Chalk and Cheese

Evans, 1957

Kathleen Mackenzie: Nancy and the Carrs

Evans, 1958 (cover Anne Gordon)

Kathleen Mackenzie: Prize Pony

Evans, 1959 (cover Anne Gordon)

Kathleen Mackenzie: Nigel Rides Away

Evans, 1960 (cover uncredited)

Kathleen Mackenzie: Pony and Trap

Evans, 1962

C Northcote Parkinson: Ponies Plot

John Murray, 1965

Written & illustrated by Violet Morgan

Sebastian and the Dragon

Blackwell, 1968

Children’s books illustrated by Violet Morgan

Kathleen Mackenzie: The Four Pentires and Jimmy

Evans, 1947

Derek Chapman: King Purple’s Jester

Pleiades Books, 1947

Kathleen Mackenzie: Green Fox

Evans, 1949

Derek Chapman: King Cuckoo

Pleiades Books, 1949

Kathleen Mackenzie: The Badgers of Quinion

Evans, 1950

Kathleen Mackenzie: Vicky and the Pentires

Evans, 1951

George Sand: La Petite Fadette
Macmillan, 1960

Kathleen Mackenzie: The Cave in the Cliff

Evans, 1961

Kathleen Mackenzie: The Pageant

Evans, 1964

Glenda Gordon: Better to Arrive

Macmillan, 1968

Violet Morgan

Violet Morgan was notable for illustrating many of her sister, Kathleen Mackenzie’s, stories. This author was the one with whom Violet Morgan worked to the exclusion of almost all others, although oddly, she did not do the cover illustrations for most titles. Jumping Jan, and Red Conker, for example, had covers by Maurice Tulloch. Anne Gordon did Nancy and the Carrs and Prize Pony. I am therefore guessing when I include Three of a Kind, Pony and Trap and Chalk and Cheese as covers she did illustrate, and am hoping she didn’t illustrate Nigel Rides Away, which is a horror.

Finding the books: the books Violet Morgan illustrated are generally reasonably easy to find, though the Kathleen Mackenzies have been increasing in price over the years.

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