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Marcia Lane Foster

Biographical information on Marcia Lane Foster is hard to find. She was a prolific illustrator, working on Pamela Brown’s later works, and Viola Bayley’s lengthy Adventure series, but her work in the pony book genre was unfortunately small. I love the way she includes the spine of the book in her jacket designs, particularly for Christine Pullein-Thompson’s We Hunted Hounds, where the hounds are seen galloping along the spine, with the rest of the field on the front. I also like her use of white to delineate in Mary de la Mahotiére’s Round-up On Exmoor.

She wrote a few books, which appear to be early readers, all written for Humphrey Milord and the Oxford University Press, and all published in the 1920s. Her Let’s Do It ((1938) is a collection of her sketches, and includes a section on the Pony Club.

Finding the books: all the pony books she illustrated are easy to find.

Pony books illustrated by Marcia Lane Foster

Christine Pullein-Thompson: We Hunted Hounds

Collins, London, 1949

Kitty Barne: Rosina and Son

Evans, London, 1956

Mary de la Mahotiere: Round Up on Exmoor

Lutterworth, London, 1961

Gillian Baxter: The Team from Low Moor
Evans, London, 1965

Written & illustrated by Marcia Lane Foster

Humphrey Milord, OUP, 1926

Humphrey Milord, OUP, 1926

Humphrey Milord, OUP, 1926

Let’s Do It: Sketches of Children etc

Collins, 1938

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