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Julian Dickon, Wendy Jackson & Duncan Stuart

Moon Jumper

Written by Julian Dickon
TVNZ Publishing, 1986

Nicky Wyman loved horses, but came from a family with no money for anything but essentials.
To keep riding she mucked out stables, cleaned tack, and exercised other people's horses.
Then she found herself battling to save the life of a little mare - Moon Jumper. Always against
time, and sometimes even outside the law, they worked to prepare Nicky and Moon Jumper to
do the impossible - to win the most prestigious one day event.

Moon Jumper: Nicky’s Challenge

Written by Duncan Stuart
TVNZ Publishing, 1986, cover design Jim Paton

Nicky’s dream is to win an international show jumping competition, but she doesn’t get on with
her trainer, Tad Masters. Her first challenge is to make it to the local competitions, before she
can even think of anything else.


Moon Jumper: Changes

Written by Wendy Jackson
TVNZ Publishing, 1986, 176 pp. Cover design Jim Paton.

Nicky Wyman is back home, her career in international show jumping cut short. She needs help
from old friends, but has to renew her friendship with Snow, her old trainer, and Moon Jumper, her 

first horse. There are new faces at the stables - Ace, and Kim, as well as enemies. There is Tad,
who once wanted to destroy Moon Jumper, and Sara, who will do anything to win. NIcky must again
prove her skill as a horsewoman, to others and to herself. But this time, international jumping may
be an impossible dream. 

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