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The Taronga Road Riders is a series of eight books by American author Toy Martin. The series is set in Australia, and features the Pokey Creek Pony Club. Toy Martin seems a force to be recognised with: when she was just 22, she had already been an Olympic speed skater. She migrated to Australia, and represented them in orienteering (about which she has also written books). Riding was a later accomplishment for her, but her two children were keen riders, and she became very active in her local pony club.

Finding the books: alas the Taronga Road Riders series is very hard to find. Even in their native Australia they are uncommon. You might like to try ebay Australia for copies.

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Many, many thanks to Danyele for all her help with this series. Almost all the information here comes from her, and I am extremely grateful!

Toy Martin

Behind the Barricade
Millennium Books, Newton, NSW, 1991, 157 pp, paperback.

The blurb:

With the youngest rider, Brook leading the way on Ryan, the kids from Taronga Road jumped
the barricade and rode on - into a mystery that finally involved the whole Pokey Creek Pony
Club, their parents, and the mounted police. The excitement reached its peak at the Gymkhana,
when a scavenger hunt ended in a hail of bullets...

A Bird in the Hand
 Millennium Books, Newton, NSW, 1991, 160 pp, paperback.

The blurb:

It was hard to believe that the odd looking woman in the large, steel toed boots, and the large

mix of blubber and muscle that was her husband, were related to neat, elegant Amanda. But it
was very easy for the Taronga Road Riders to believe that the this strange couple were up to
something illegal. Then comes the discovery of the black cockatoo caught in a trap, and the
kids feel sure they have stumbled onto a bird smuggling racket. While Elizabeth struggles to
teach a disabled boy to ride, and Matt has to face up to a power hungry trainer with his eye on
Mad Max, a young park ranger in a silver Porsche and his older partner complicate life even more.

Fakes and Fast Horses
Millennium Books, Newton, NSW, 1992, 161 pp

The blurb: Zoey couldn't believe what was happening. The Taronga Road Riders were enjoying
their camping trip to the Bimminy River Showground and a whole lot of new riding adventures,
and now she had gotten herself into this mess! Here was this funny kid Quinn tearing around
the track at full speed on Miss Ashworth's precious Esky- Quinn who had never ridden before!
The threat of tough Davo and his friends prevented Zoey from blurting out the truth to the
stunned Miss Ashworth. Maybe if she faked a faint, she'd gain time to think of what to do next...


Secret Stock
Millennium Books, Newton, NSW, 1992, 170 pp

The blurb: It was going to be hard to like the new girl, with all her money and talk of buying
dressage horses from America. The Taronga Road Riders think there is something funny
about her father's business too. But they have a lot of other things on their minds: Matt is

into 'positive mental picture techniques' in preparation for his first official horse trial. Amanda
breaks her ankle in two places when Lightning decides to try a rodeo buck, and Mrs. Perrin
soon has Lightning up for sale despite the TRR"s loud protests. Suddenly it becomes a question
of who's hiding what!...

The Price of a Prize

Millennium Books, Newton, NSW, 1993, 117 pp

The blurb: Brook's mum wins a week of lessons from a famous dressage instructor, but when
Pippi Heatherington turns out to be 'the leopard lady', Rosie's prize becomes a nightmare.
Elizabeth and her boyfriend take on a legal challenge for ownership of Lizzie and a recuperating
Amanda starts her very own business. Through all this Zoey is hurting… If Matt is turning from
horses to motorcycles, where does that leave their friendship?

Odd Bods
Millennium Books, Newton, NSW, 1993, 123 pp

Amanda's broken ankle is mended and she's allowed to ride again - but her confidence has
gone. The pesty Alison turns out to be more helpful  than the Taronga Road Riders when it
comes to getting Amanda on Lightning again. Then comes sad news from Chad... Brook's
confidence is getting a shaking too, not from a fall but from a neglected fifty dollar pinto pony
that Rosie finds. Matt thinks he's lost his drive for eventing, but is it his dad's doing? Bruno
wants him to concentrate on learning the family business, not playing with horses. Matt makes
up his mind. And Brook makes her choice too, when she has the chance to own an advanced

Go For it!
Millennium Books, Newton, NSW,1993, 121 pp

The blurb: Being the best and fastest is a problem for a timid newcomer named Adrian, but
his father is the one who learns a lesson the hard way. Amanda has a  problem too. Her ankle
has healed, but her riding confidence seems gone for good. And Lightning is behaving in a
strange, wild manner. Desperate not to let the Amanda-Lightning combination ruin their
chances at the mounted games championship, two of the Taronga Road Riders hatch a plot…
Zoey makes a radical decision in fury when she learns what competitiveness has led her friends
to do.

Light Fingered Lessons
Millennium Books, Newton, NSW, 1993, 121 pp

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The Price of a Prize
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