Ponies, ponies, ponies


Afraid to Ride: C W Anderson
Afraid to Ride: Patricia Leitch or Jane Eliot (this is the same book!)

A Horse of Her Own: Joanna Campbell
A Horse of Her Own: Anne Wedekind
A Horse of Her Own: Selma Hudnut
A Horse of Her Own:  Ruby Ferguson (this is the USA printing of Jill’s Gymkhana)

A Pocketful of Ponies:  Jean Cree
A Pocketful of Ponies:  Mary May

A Pony of our Own:  Patricia Leitch

A Pony of Your Own: Mary Gervaise (not quite the same I know, but they’re close)

Dream Pony: Constance White
Dream Pony: Elinore Havers
Dream Pony: Sandy Lane Stables Series
Dream Pony: Wendy Douthwaite

High Hurdle:  Ginny Elliot

High Hurdles:  Joan Houston
High Hurdles:  Janet Lambert

Horse Haven:  Nancy Caffrey
Horsehaven:  Christine Pullein-Thompson

If Wishes Were Horses:  Catherine Harris

If Wishes Were Horses:  Jean Slaughter Doty
If Wishes Were Horses:  Ivy Baker
If Wishes Were Horses:  Maggie Dana ( Best Friend Series 4)
If Wishes Were Horses: Bernadette Kelly
If Wishes Were Horses:  Sibley Miller ( Wind Dancers series)

Lost Pony:  Nancy Caffrey
The Lost Pony:  Christine Pullein-Thompson

The Lost Pony:  Wendy Douthwaite

The Midnight Horse: Monica Edwards
The Midnight Horse: Michelle Bates, Sandy Lane Stables Series

Nobody’s Pony: J M Berrisford
Nobody’s Pony: Beryl Bye

Nobody’s Horse:  Joanne Webster

No Place for Ponies: Primrose Cumming
No Place for Ponies:  Betty Horsfield

Perfect Ponies:  this is the generic title for Katie Price’s pony series; and also
Perfect Ponies:  another series by Lucy Daniels, which includes Keeping Faith, Sweet Charity and Last Hope

Phantom Horse:  Peter Grey
Phantom Horse series:  Christine Pullein-Thompson

Pony Club Camp: Jane Eliot (Patricia Leitch)
Pony Club Camp: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Ponies in Peril:  Irene Makin
Ponies in Peril:  Diana Pullein-Thompson

Pony for Sale:  Beryl Bye

Pony for Sale:  Ann Stafford
A Pony for Sale:  Diana Pullein-Thompson

Prize Pony: Kathleen Mackenzie
The Prize Pony: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Queen Rider:  A D Langholm IS the same book as
Queen Rider:  Alan Davidson

Rider by Night:  Karin Anckarsvard

Ride by Night:  Christine Pullein-Thompson

Ride by Night:  Elizabeth Lindsay

Save the Ponies: Gillian Baxter
Save the Ponies: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

The Christmas Pony:  Wendy Douthwaite
The Christmas Pony:  Sylvia Green

Will to Win:  Samantha Alexander
The Will to Win:  Mary May

Year of the Horse:  Eric Hatch
Year of the Horse:  Diana Walker

Same title but is it the same book?

There are some titles for pony books that seem to have achieved a strange popularity.  This page aims to list books with the same (or very, very similar) title, but which are different stories.