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Jackie the Pit Pony

Jackie is a pony from the Steppes: freedom means everything to him, and he refuses to be tamed by  the farmer who owns him. So, they sell him to a man who owns a mine.

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Caroline Akrill

Pony book authors don’t tend to do humour: perhaps it’s the undercurrent of morality that underpins most of the genre (you must take proper care of your pony ), but the pony book that makes you laugh out loud is rare.

Felix Salten

Felix Salten (1869–1945, pseud. Siegmund Salzmann) is infinitely better known for his other books, principally among them Bambi, the Disney film of which has introduced many a child to the concept of death.

Ann Wigley

Ann Wigley wrote her first book, The Red Horse Haunting, for the J A Allen Junior Equestrian Library. She helped with the local Pony Club and ran a livery yard, and wrote the story while recovering from an operation.

Marianne Mjelva

Marianne Mjelva is a Norwegian author, who learned to ride when she was right. When she was 10, she wrote in her diary: ‘When I grow up I’m going to be a dog owner, a horse owner and a writer.’ She’s done all of those.

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  • My earliest horse memory is being bitten on the arm by a piebald who lived in the field at the end of our garden. It did not put me off.

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